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About Us

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“BEE”) aims at substantially increasing black participation at all levels in the economy. This strategic imperative tries to redress the imbalances of the past by transferring more ownership, management and control of South Africa’s financial and economic resources to the majority of its citizens. It also aims to ensure broader and meaningful participation in the economy by black people.

TNTG Group believes that BBBEE is a component of the broader transformation imperative in our country. The company further believes that the starting point of our sustainable business is to understand the moment we are in, to understand the forces that shape the behaviour of our customers, and to lead our employees toward using our resources to create sustainable value for those customers. The following are key characteristics of our Empowerment Charter:

  • Greater representation at an Ownership level
  • Building a Talent Pipeline
  • Enterprise Development, with a specific focus on the skills set in our economic sector and industry
  • Impacting on the environment in which TNTG Group operates, through focusing on the key skills our country needs to sustain transformation

Mission Statement

We are an out put driven company with a considerable amount of emphasis on quality, It is our intention to ensure that the quality of service with conformance to all applicable clients’ is delivered to our clients and all the beneficiaries. We recognise the impact that our activities may have on people and the environment, therefore safety, health and protection of the environment forms an integral part of our planning and decision making.

Vision Statement

TNTG Groupaims to become a successful basic building material company providing quality service and good products to our customers.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Improve our operating performance and efficiency
  • Reinforce our Plant & Equipment Investment
  • Expand our footprint into other Provinces and government departments

Our Core Values

TNTG Group adopts FRQ (Fast, Reliable, Quality) principles, as a cornerstone of corporate governance. In addition to these principles, our core values are stated as follows:

  • FAST - we thrive to deliver on time and on schedule, we know and understand that clients want their projects to be finished fast, because of the inconveniences caused during the project, we make sure that we deliver on schedule and on time
  • RELIABLE - We always deliver on our promises, we under promise and over deliver
  • QUALITY - Coming to quality we don’t compromise, always make sure that we deliver quality products